Monday, September 9, 2013

The Penetrator - Not Just for Small Waves

Mike Horton has been putting his new Penetrator (5'10'' x 19 3/8'' x 2 5/16'') through its paces all over Bali the past couple months. Though he got it for small days, Jeff told him to get it out there in the bigger stuff too! Here's what Mike had to say:
"I love this thing! At first, I was only riding it on really small days, waist-chest high. I'm usually stoked to get the bigger boards out when there's a little size, but I finally decided to try it out on some double overhead waves and it was still awesome. Jeff and I are already talking about the next one actually! We're going to tweak it a little bit and see what happens."
Read more about the Penetrator (and notice in the photo the board already has a pad and wax on it, Mike stole it out of the factory before we got a photo!).

If you want one of these or something like it, shoot us an e-mail and let's talk!

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